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    * Go to to renew online or email for a pdf of the membership form.

    * Email the confirmation of your renewal to Membership Secretary Kathy Bhat

    * Mail completed application form and dues payment to National Headquarters at:

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Why should you join ACDA?

"The strongest reason I can think of is to access its greatest resource, the people. The members of the American Choral Directors Association are absolutely wonderful people. And they have a common passion-singing in ensemble. They come from a multitude of backgrounds, they work in every conceivable venue, individuals are as different from each other as individuals anywhere. And yet they share literature, methodology, and ideas generously, repeatedly and with consistent good humor and good will. Yes, you could go to individuals and find some of this and you should. But the concept of synergy is a real factor here - we are much more together than just the sum of our parts.

Opportunities for service and growth abound in MCDA. The annual summer convention in Jefferson City highlights various areas of our Repertoire and Standards committee structure. Click here to find out all the amazing resources on tap at our Conventions. Reading sessions in which music selected by our R&S Chairpersons is presented and you can keep the music, compliments of the fine music retailers that continue to support Missouri ACDA with their exhibits and donations: J.W. Pepper (KC); American (KC); Shattinger (St. L) and Senseney (Wichita). Interest sessions featuring clinicians of international reputation are brought in to share with you the best they have to offer. Concerts by some of Missouri's finest choral ensembles and a variety of Honor Choirs. And not only state conventions but incredible Division and National opportunities as well. And gosh is it FUN.

Well, I could ramble on and on in praise of ACDA. But the real point is this: You are not alone in your chosen profession. You have much to gain from membership in ACDA-and you have much to give. Remember the concept of synergy. Everyone contributes the best they have to offer and the result is greater than the sum of its parts.  ACDA members are the movers and shakers of the choral profession."

R. Paul Drummond, MCDA Past President, SWACDA Past President


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